Summit Edge features 3 signature fabrics, each with their own special purpose. You will see the following logos next to Summit Edge garments:

Power stretch is an extremely functional athletic fabric that is intended for anything from active sports - to casual wear. Power Stretch garments work extremely well for layering, and retaining warmth. Perfect for wintery outdoor excursions, exercising, and comfortable casual use. Power Stretch is a very soft, moderately warm fabric, that stretches 4 ways and fits to your body. Jackets made of this fabric are typically fitted, and hug you from all angles. Women’s Power Stretch jackets often have comfy features like thumbholes, and either a hood or a stand up collar.

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North Shore is a soft knit-like fabric that works well for casual wear, but can also serve well for layering. Wear North Shore garments over button downs for semi-formal attire, or take them with you on a skiing trip. This fabric is also very soft, moderately warm, and stretches a little bit. Garments made with North Shore fleece typically have a loose fit, and are sometimes fitted. Features like zipper pockets, a stand-up collar or a hood look well on North Shore jackets. Both quarter zips and full zips are available.

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Coarse Weave is a bold new fabric in 2017. It is warm, dense and has a fancy professional sporty look. Wear this fabric in all types of climates, and seasons. It can also be used as a 2nd layer. Explore the great outdoors while keeping warmth. Coarse Weave is a slightly heavier and denser fabric, designed for a polished athletic look. This fabric does not stretch a lot, so both loosely fitted and fitted styles are available. Features like zip pockets and a stand up collar look great on this type of fabric. Broth quarter zips and full zips are available in this fabric.

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Summit Edge features a few garments of various other fabrications. Some Jackets use lighter and more airy fabrics - perfect for workouts. The lighter garments are available in women’s styles. Other fabrics include: the Corded Fleece (popular in the midwest), and Polar Fleece (extremely soft fabrics for kids’ jackets).